What we're about

Hello dear friend, long time no see !

What are you saying, of course we know each other ! This group is not your typical meetup group, oh no ! Actually this one is a huge and opened group of friend, so I want you to join our events, and just enjoy the company of good and interesting people that you can consider as your friends.

The same way that, after a long day working or studying, you wanna meet with your friends and have a nice dinner, party, or just chill out and discuss of what happened to you lately, you can come with us and meet even more new friends to share things with.

What are you waiting for ? Enjoy your life to it's fullest with us, mate !

The topics for this group includes but are not limited to:

• Making friends

• Culture & history exchange

• Movies

• Photography

• Food & wine

• English as second language

• Etc.

The only purpose of this group is HAVING FUN and ENJOYING LIFE.

If you are new in town and want to make some friends here, please do not be shy and join. English is never a barrier.

If you are Aussie who wants to share your experience of this honorable city and country, as well as learning interesting culture or language stuff, please feel free to join.

NB: This group is not a group for people to play the single game. Meeting people and exchanging contacts is encouraged, but there are limits gentlemen should not cross. You've been warned.

Upcoming events (5+)

S.E.E FUN FUN FUN!!! (formerly known as The Amazing Race)

Telstra (we will meet infront of the Telstra building)


The Season of Sillyness may be over but we're going to get out there & continue the fun and joyful times - come join the bandwagon & see oh what fun (& ridiculous things) we have planned! Sydney’s Exploring Escapades (S.E.E) is Sightseeing in Sydney with a difference. We offer you the opportunity to see Sydney & it’s suburbs in a new light. Come and join our adventures where you will have fun and meet new people. No one is a stranger at S.E.E! Every S.E.E event throughout the year is different as you discover or rediscover the diverse parts of Sydney - each event is its own adventure with new challenges and possibilities! (this event is a themed event) FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: HOW DO I SIGN UP? RSVP yes on the Meetup site. HOW DOES IT WORK? Everyone is allocated into teams (teams on average are a size of 5). It’s fine if you don’t know anyone, we’ll sort it out on the day. By the end of the day you will know your team oh so well! You are welcome to bring friends who are not registered on Meetup. This event is combined with a few meetup groups so there will be others on board as well. If you’re feeling energetic or feel like a casual day – we will find a team for you! Tasks will be distributed which will outline the rules and the processes for the day which will gain points – points win prizes. The event will go into the early evening, between 530pm to 600pm. If you are only able to participate for part of the event, that is fine – let me know on the day. At the conclusion of the event you are welcome to stay on at the bar for dinner or drinks and get acquainted with more people! Prizes will be given away at the conclusion of the event. WHERE IS THE FINAL DESTINATION? The final destination will be at PJ O’Briens, 57 King Street, Sydney. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? $15 cash is payable/required on the day before the event commences. The fee goes towards the research, planning, administration and execution of the event. Please bring correct change on the day. WHAT DO I BRING? A fully charged camera or phone. Some of our adventures will include public transport, so please bring a charged up Opal Card with minimal Sunday supplement cost. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Please dress comfortable including very comfortable shoes – you may be turned away if you are not wearing appropriate footwear. Gym gear is not required. Ladies I don't recommend skirts/dresses. Slip, Slop and Slap (for the non Aussies – this means slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat). Please wear lots of sunscreen! IS THERE ANY PHYSICAL RESTRICTIONS? You don't have to be the fittest person to take part in this event. We are only restricted by the city’s physical limitations. IS THERE AN AGE LIMIT? As long as you are over 18, there is no age limit. WHAT ABOUT THE WEATHER? If it rains, we will still proceed. It’s rained a few times at previous events & it has never been cancelled. For confidentiality reasons I do not provide my phone number, however our exact location is noted so we won’t be hard to find. If there is any updates to be provided, it will be noted on the noticeboard. TESTIMONIALS FROM PREVIOUS EVENTS: "Really enjoyed the day, fantastic activity and astute organisation. Had a ball! :)" Mike "Wow lots to do and plenty of fun great outing" Jerome "Thanks Lu, for organizing such an awesome event. Great fun!" Grace "Thank you for hosting, had an amazing day and got to meet some great people! :)" Jenny "That was a great day despite the relentless rain. Thanks team Juice. Thank you Lu for organising it." Siobhan "Was amazing! Had a lot of fun, can't wait till the next one!! And thanks heaps Lu for organising!!" Tyler "Really well organised event and lots of fun Lu. Thanks for organising." Sandy "Such a fun way to explore the city and be out & about on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!" George "Thanks Lu for an awesome day! Very proud of the team that I was on to achieve the place that we got. Cant wait for the next one!" Aaron


Hey Folks Let's start the week nice and cheap with a FREE MOVIE, FREE POPCORN & $5 HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS (beer or wine) at the Soda Factory: http://www.sodafactory.com.au/ We are always sat at the back tables behind the bar - reserved under "Lu" We will meet anytime after 5pm to catch up / meet new friends but most importantly take advantage of happy hour! (5pm to 7pm) There are delicious hot dogs (and other food items) up for grabs to satisfy your hunger. What movie is playing tonight??? Please visit the website below: http://www.sodafactory.com.au/events/ The movie will commence at 630pm See you at the movies :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***PLEASE NOTE: Although the movies commences at 630pm, you are welcome to arrive late, however we can’t guarantee there will be a seat and it may be standing only. From 830pm onwards there will be a cover charge due to a live band coming on stage, therefore please do try to arrive before this time*** For confidentiality reasons, I do not provide my phone number and unfortunately due to work commitments I am not always at the Soda Factory - this is a night for you to meet new people and enjoy the specials - if you are new to this, there is always one or two regulars so please feel free to approach us - we've all been new to the scene and always welcome newbies :) NB: This is a combined meetup event, whilst numbers maybe low on one site, there will be higher numbers on other sites. In respect of owners of the groups I cannot disclose the names of the other meetup groups.

Regular Tuesday Social Night -- Culture/Language Exchange

[FYI: This meetup is combined with Sydney Language Exchange. 80+ people are expected] Hi Everyone, As usual, let's get together on Tuesday to have some fun. =) For this event, we do not have any particular topics or rules for you. Socialising and mingling with people is your only purpose! This event used to be all about language learning. However, I realise that language is just the carrier of culture. If you would like to master some languages, there is nothing more you can do than appreciating their culture first. We provide this opportunity for all passionate and enthusiastic people who loves to learn something different from what they already know, who likes to share their own experience and story to the others. Try to imagine: if you are heading to overseas for your holiday next month, there is nothing better than meeting some locals and getting some ideas before your trip. if you just arrive in this beautiful nation, it would be great making some local friends who can give you recommendations and maybe show you around. if you are eager to learn Japanese, I do not think something would be better than just talking to a "real" Japanese. But keep this in mind, this is not a dating event. Please do not bother anyone if they do not intend to find their partner in here. Follow your common sense, let women be ladies, gents please be gentleman. If at any point during the meetup, you have a question, suggestion or need help with something, please feel free to come and talk to me [Nick] or one of the other hosts. Don't worry about breaking conversations, we're definitely not deciding the fate of the universe. ;) If you're planning on attending, please do us a favour and RSVP. We do not limit the number of RSVPs since we book the whole area with the long tables between the entrance and the bar. Usually, after this routine meetup - around 8:30pm, some of us are heading off to somewhere nearby to have a late dinner. If you haven't had dinner yet, feel free to join us! Cheers Nick

Musical Bingo @ El Santos with free Taco with full price drink purchase

Fancy some midweek Musical Bingo? El Santos is the place to be with a free taco with every full price drink purchase. http://elsantos.com.au/ There is a table reserved under "Lu" - unfortunately due to work commitments I am unable to attend but this is an opportunity for you to potentially meet new people and enjoy the specials. If you are new to meetup, there is always one or two regulars so please feel free to approach us - we've all been new to the scene and always welcome newbies :) Please note the table will only be reserved up until 550pm, if there are no shows, the table will be given away. NB: This is a combined meetup event, whilst numbers maybe low on one site, there will be higher numbers on other sites. In respect of owners of the groups I cannot disclose the names of the other meetup groups.

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