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Hello Everyone!

Come & join us for a relaxing Open Heart meditation and Reiki Tummo healing. You will be guided to be connected to your spiritual heart again, to feel the calmness, peace, joy, and love from your Heart.. to experience more of this quality in our daily lives.

We also offer Reiki Tummo healing to complete your whole being experience! The only thing you have to bring is your heart and your smile, but feel free to bring your friends, family member, neighbours, colleagues... :) Do join us for refreshments afterwards and mingle with others likeminded.

See you there!

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On the surface level Open Heart Meditation is a very simple yet effective way to shut the busy mind down, relax and unwind, and to reconnect with peace. Many people come as a quick way to recharge for the week and to find inner peace.

On a deeper level Open Heart Meditation is about opening the heart to know your True Self and to connect with our Creator - the ultimate source of love and life - what we call "True Source". The divine energy from True Source (the Reiki energy) is a beautiful restorative energy of healing, joy, love and blessings. It's suitable for people from all religions because it's non denominational and helps people to better connect with their chosen spiritual path - experientially through the heart (rather than through the head with more thinking and theory).

When you are connected to this abundant source of life energy every day, you will in turn receive life more abundantly. It will improve your overall happiness, health, and general well-being. You will find yourself more calm and less reactive; your choices in life will be more sound and centred; and you will be more in line with your True Self - all beyond the limited intelligence of the mind, other worldly wisdoms, and fluctuating emotions.

The greater purpose of this practice for those who wish to pursue it beyond relaxation and healing is to return home - back to our Creator from where we all originated from - the ultimate source of life and unconditional love, detached from the cycles and struggles of the earth dimension.

Open Heart Meditation is therefore very different to many popular types of meditation, such as Mindfulness Meditation for the following reasons:

• It does not rely on the mind or observation, or on emotions, but rather it is focused on the heart. We teach you how to easily shut the mind down, to open the heart, and sense from it.

• Instead of practicing detachment, we teach you to connect to the source of abundant life first. This will then help you detach from all forms of negativities naturally without any effort. In doing so, this will gradually iron out negative reactive responses, smoothing your life's path.

• This blessing, is a gift of Grace and cannot be earned by greater effort. The only thing one can do is to just receive this gift from the heavens with an open heart, in gratitude.

This group is dedicated to those who would like to learn, practice and share about Open Heart Meditation, Reiki healing, and Kundalini. Everyone is welcome to join, learn and contribute in a positive, safe and caring environment. :-)


"I don’t think I’d be alive today if I hadn’t learned Open Heart Meditation. I first attempted suicide when I was 14, and I never really stopped trying until I started OHM. For 30 long, hard years I battled depression without the aid of anti-depressants, and in that period, I attempted suicide over 20 times. But since I started OHM (about 7 months ago) I haven’t thought about suicide once. I tried other forms of meditation for 26 years, and all that did was allow me to just barely survive my depression. But just one month of OHM allowed me to beat it. For the first time in my life, I feel like I’ve won the battle against my depression; that I’ve started living, not just existing; that life is something to be enjoyed, not endured. I know, from personal experience, that OHM can have massive benefits for those who suffer from depression and suicidal ideation. I wouldn’t call it a cure, because a cure is something you need only take once, and then the problem is gone. But I would call it an effective treatment. Once you’ve been taught to do it properly, 20 minutes of OHM per day is enough to keep depression at bay… and once you’ve done all the workshops, you can do a lot more than just keep depression at bay: you can kick its ass goodbye and actually start feeling happy. May True Source be with you." Chris

"It's my one year anniversary of being amongst this wonderful open heart crew on the 23 November 2014. Thankyou beautiful people for an incredible year I am extremely grateful to you all and to have found the right road at last." Laurin Ware, Perth Australia

"We are so incredibly blessed with Open Heart Meditation - the truth that we've learnt and discovered for ourselves; the lovely community; and what it is doing for our soul permanently. So grateful for this huge blessing. Thank you all for what is coming to my first year with you smiley lot." Ronnie Chua, Perth Australia

"Isn't it lovely when you intend to pray for something and immediately feel the love pour down like a bucket of water..Then your heart remembers that the love is everywhere and so you feel like you're swimming in it instead..Now you can't even remember what you were going to pray about because the only 2 words left are 'thank you'" Yalda Manafi, Perth, Australia

"Before learning about the heart, when I prayed to True Source, it felt flat, and I was never sure if my prayers were heard. I remember how I prayed only when I had problems in my life, or because at school or at church a bunch of us were being told to pray together. Words came out of me without any feeling; I was simply reading prayer lines. Now it is completely different: prayers have become beautiful, and I am able to go into a deep state of connection. I feel how I am communicating with True Source-how my prayers reach up to True Source, Lovingly listening, and are accepted with the beauty of Love." Sunny Tjandrakesuma, Perth, Australia