Workshop: Success Habits

What we'll do

Are you finding it hard to stay motivated each and every day?
Are you procrastinating your life away?
Do you struggle with time, energy and excuses?

Chances are your habits are holding you back!

If you want the ability to develop structure, routine and discipline in your life you will need to master your habits.

Livn Colour presents Success Habits; a two-hour, interactive workshop designed to give you the tools to understand and implement the one thing that you can control to get the results you want... YOUR HABITS!

Join us at this activity-based workshop to:

✔ Learn the theory behind habit creation
✔ Discover how to master your habits
✔ Develop routine, structure and discipline in your life
✔ Wake up motivated to take action… everyday!
✔ Get access to our exclusive online community

Livn Colour is an organisation that promotes a positive, like-minded community and inspires people to take action towards achieving their version of success.

If you want to take part in a social expansion movement and build your best life, hit the Eventbrite link and we'll see you there.

If not... we'll see you at the next one ;)