What we're about

This group is a relaxed bunch of people looking to grow their local Redcliffe area business influence online and lower marketing costs while still getting more traffic, more leads and more customers.

The influence of Yellow Pages is rapidly decreasing - you know this yourself, when was the last time you used Yellow Pages? Where then do you apply your efforts and money to capture qualified leads and business?

This group will help share the techniques that big time 6 figure salary internet marketers use and then dumb that down into simple actions steps you can take for your own local business.

We will use each other's businesses as case studies and expect to get 'home work' for you to take away and apply and then report back with results at the next meet up.

This is done in a friendly way amongst a group of likeminded and motivated small business owners. Networking is highly encouraged - make links with your community.

This group is not for 'suits' but for Mum and Pop business owners looking to pimp their business and increase sales.

We will cover scary sounding things like the list below in a way that is simple to understand and then help each other try them out.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Google Local Search and Google Places

Video Marketing on YouTube and other sites

Online Press Release Submission

Blogs and Article Marketing

Pay Per Click Advertising


Four Square




Email list building and monetization

Link Building

Affiliate Marketing

Keyword Research

How to register a Domain Name

Do it yourself Website Hosting


But don't freak out, many of these are so easy to take small steps with in your business and to put a toe in the water. Most are completely free. You'll be testing this out with other first time business owners in exactly the same position you are and guided by experienced help.

So much of the future of small business contact with customers and local business advertising is moving online. People are searching online for local products and services and then going 'offline' to purchase from the people they find via Google etc.

Lets have some fun improving the online influence of our businesses together.

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