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Western Sydney regional Ex-Christian Chillout upstairs at the Red Cow, Penrith
Come along and meet humanists, other ex-christians and local atheists in an informal setting. Drinks and meals at reasonable prices in a classy Penrith pub. Apologies that this is the only regular event for the Sydney Ex-Christian's Meetup, and many will find the location inconvenient. The truth is that this is out near where the organizers for the Meetup live, so it is convenient to combine it with events on other related events out this way that we run. We keep the Sydney Ex-Christians Meetup open and running at a basic level because experience shows there is a need for people wanting to share the difficulties in recovering from an experience with religion. In actuality many of these people do live in the outer western suburbs. Please make the effort to come along and let us know you are interested in in networking with people in similar situations and we'll get you in touch with people who might better understand what you're going through. It needs people to show an interest to get things going regarding organizing things. I'll have a big red atheist 'A' on a stand, to help anyone who doesn't know my face to find our tables. Just come upstairs and look for the big A!

The Red Cow

9 Station St, Penrith NSW 2750 · Sydney

What we're about

A Group for all Ex-Christians who were (some still are) struggling with their change of faiths and set of beliefs. This Group offers social, intellectual and emotional/spiritual support to those breaking-free from religion.

Perhaps you have some religious/spiritual or philosophical questions you would like to discuss or chat about? Or perhaps you just need to find other Ex-Christians to socialize with? Maybe you miss the sense of friendship you once believed your church community provided.

It can be tough as an ex-Christian, treated as a "lost sheep" by former friends and loved ones. No you're not satanic or demonic!

If Christianity and the bible no longer make sense to you you are not alone! You have a community. Come along, have a drink, share a laugh, tell a story, relax and enjoy your time with a friendly group of people who once were like you.

This Group is for anyone breaking free from organised religions, particularly Christianity and Judaism, but everyone is welcome.

Changing faiths and adopting a complete new understanding of God and religions can be very disturbing and life-breaking at some times.

This Group was created to offer support as well as a friendly environment to discuss the change of beliefs and faiths, personal and social experiences, as well as being there for each-other when we need it.

We don't need the church or the Christian community to unite us. We can still be united as Ex-Christians. And join other communities on a journey to life fulfilment.

Losing religion can be very stressful and no one around seems to understand. Loss of friends, family and social life can impact dramatically.

Some of us spent years of core bible study and questioning without finding a satisfying truth, then found greater wisdom, better understanding and relationships after breaking free. But at a high price! - attacked by close friends and family - seen as a lost sheep they have to bring back. Does that sound like you?

Are you or do you know someone who tried to be a "good" Christian, tried to study the bible as the word of god, but things didn't make sense or didn't fall together into place? - Were you brought up on what you believed to be the only true religion, and came to ask later, then why are there too many religions and denominations out there?

Were you brought up thinking sacrifice is the highest purpose of life and the only way to 'god' - that suppressing your feelings and desires were the highest morals? Were you brought up to see the world, people and their acts as black or white? Did you look for heaven but find a hell on earth?

This group was founded by a sincere ex-Christian who has moved on to other activities. But the need for such a group is too important to let go.

The group will share activities with those interested in Humanism and Atheism but will retain a special identity and appeal to those still working on their identity and life-purpose.

If you're wanting a new community please come along and share in ours.

Murray, Organizer (with thanks to Nad, the founder)

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