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RETHINK: Church! Let's get together and truly CARE
We meet weekly, sometimes more than once, to CARE & to EAT! it means we share our happiness, struggles, life and all we have with each other, we share LOVE in ACTION! Usually this is what happens: 1) we sing together or just listen to beautiful music while having meditating... 2) we share our weekly stories... and pray together for each other and for those around our lives, and even for those who we don't know, but we know need our prayers... 3) we share the WORD of God and learn from it! 4) we eat together, everyone brings a plate to share - if you are a visitor you don't need to contribute in the first time, and you get to eat first :) 5) we spend time together, sometime go for a walk after the meal, or simply sit by a shade and relax, talk... Try it and you won't regret it. All are welcome, pls RSVP and let us know if you need anything Blessings...

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My name is Joseph and I'm a former investment banker. I used to believe I had it all (money, power, prestige, health, good relationships). When I started studying a Book, the Bible, my eyes were opened to a whole new understanding of life, incomparably superior. I'm currently pursuing a masters degree in Theology and I just love to share its beautiful, powerful messages in their right context.

Are you looking for a life of purpose, and experience salvation, restoration, hope, grace, renewed strength and an inner peace that endures even life's toughest trials? Do you want to unravel mysterious prophecies that are being fulfilled in front of our eyes? Or do you wish to learn principles that will assist you in studying this Book on your own?

As you grow your understanding of the Bible, you will experience a personal encounter with the One behind it. I'll be glad to join you on this exciting journey.

E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E is welcome, regardless of your walk in life or religious background. The studies will be a judgment-free zone.

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