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R-Ladies Cape Town is part of R-Ladies Global and was founded to celebrate and promote gender diversity in the R community.

This group is mainly aimed at female and female-identifying persons but is open to all. However, leadership roles remain reserved for female and female-identifying persons.

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Of course I can do the stats for your paper - how to grab opportunities with R

Anandi Bierman, Postdoctoral fellow at Stellenbosch University Department of Conservation Ecology and Entomology, will be sharing her tips and tricks with us on extending your R skillz: "When a colleague asks you to perform the analysis of their metagenomic data and accompanying statistics with the opportunity to co-author a paper, you can't say no. Luckily R has your back and teaching yourself new skills is something you can achieve from the comfort of your couch. In this talk I will walk you through the steps I took to analyse Metagenomic data using R and the accompanying publication-worthy graphs I learned to draw up as well as some basic statistics done on the metadata. I will also touch on three things that I found fundamental in the learning process: (1) Know the good R websites, (2) Phone a friend and (3) Don't be shy to re-do a lot of stuff. The purpose of this talk is to show that you can learn to do anything in R from scratch and produce really professional output and it won't cost you another PhD to do so!" Join us online - Zoom details to follow soon!

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GBV Prevalence in Kenya: Caroline Akoth (Women in GIS Kenya)

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