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“You Don’t Nomi examines the complex legacy of Paul Verhoeven’s Showgirls and in the process delivers a smart, well-made crowd-pleaser … Whatever your opinion on Showgirls, there has to be something to it if it inspires a film this good.” – The Pop Break

Is Paul Verhoeven’s stripper-centric Showgirls low-minded nonsense, or subversive high art? The 1995 erotic drama was widely mocked on its release, immediately becoming the symbol for a particularly ’90s brand of tawdry excess. But the film has its defenders, and the argument over whether Showgirls is a flaming trash pile or a misunderstood masterpiece rages to this day. It’s a debate that You Don’t Nomi is determined to answer, in the most entertaining, fascinating way possible.

Featuring archive material, interviews with the major players, and insights from its biggest fans (and haters), You Don’t Nomi takes a deep dive into Hollywood’s ultimate disasterpiece, wittily examining how perceptions of the film have evolved over years. As its makers and fans explore the motifs and subtext that they claim pepper the cult classic, it forces us to finally confront the most important artistic question of our time: is this film actually not so bad?

“Via clever, connect-the-dots montage of superbly chosen clips, and a full spectrum of opinions from both admirers and detractors, You Don’t Nomi makes a compelling case that the much-maligned pop-culture landmark can be judged as either tawdry rubbish or subversive comic triumph.” – Hollywood Reporter

Tickets are $21 plus $1.40 booking fee (optional $3 donation).
As this is at a public venue all are welcome, no need to be a member!

Seating: Unallocated seating, let's get there a bit earlier so we can meet up first and get in early to grab some good seats.

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