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This Meetup will be about web-technology, a new open-source prototyping tool and also soft skills. We will have 4 main and even some smaller rooms with talks, a lot of SinnerSchrader product engineering people ( and a couple of seats reserved for the Hamburg web developer & designer community.


This will be the first ever Meetup held by SinnerSchrader Hamburg. SinnerSchraders Product Engineering team is going to have an all-day, all-hands meeting at Nov 9.

We believe two heads are always better than one. And a whole team of heads is even better. That’s how we work. With no alpha leaders and no beta teams.

That’s why we share our knowledge to each other at SinnerSchrader and at this day we want to open our session from 4:45pm to the Hamburg developer & desinger community.

Everyone is welcome! Join us, let's learn something together and of course, let's also have some snacks, drinks & fun.

Schedule (main talks)

16.45 - Doors Open

17.00 - Hello and welcome

17:02 - Supercharge your technical skills

Another API, another language or another development tool? What's the best way to get ahead. You may find the answer surprising.

Chris Rowe ( Executive Director at SinnerSchrader Frankfurt was born in Newcastle, England and grew up in Malawi, Africa. Later on, he studied computer science in England and moved to Frankfurt. "I wanted to work for a company that thinks about its end users and not just about the back end."

17:30 - Web performance, Inclusive Design, Accessibility

Building products for the web means building products for everybody. We spend hours and hours on optimising user flows, tweaking designs and A/B testing the heck out of everything. The problem is that we as developers, product owners and designers often think about the targeted customer under optimal conditions and ignore minorities. In this talk, we will take a look at common problems of the web today and demonstrate how we can make it a more welcoming place.

Stefan Judis ( started programming 6 years ago and quickly fell in love with web performance, new technologies, and automation. He worked for several startups in Berlin and recently joined Contentful to tell the world how an API-first CMS can make you a bit happier. He is also a curator of the web performance online resource Perf Tooling, organizer of the Web Performance Meetup Berlin, contributes to a variety of open source projects and enjoys sharing nerdy discoveries.

18:15 - CSS Variables A New Hope

The history of the relationship between CSS and JS traces back to the origins of web UI development. Their symbiosis has evolved into a dynamic, ever-evolving ecosystem. But this was not a voluntary coexistence. The communication between each other has been forced.

CSS Variables is the new promising future for CSS and JS. The alliance that should finally bring harmony in front-end development. In this talk, we will uncover some truths, myths, and lies behind them. Starting with the syntax and specification. We will showcase examples that highlight some of the incredibly useful features. We’ll also uncover some obscure secrets that could endanger this new alliance.

Mauricio Palma ( I use technology to handcraft user centric experiences. You'll find me in that sweet spot where art meets science. Product Engineer at SinnerSchrader Hamburg and @wdlk. Co-founder and brand manager at Woodlike Ocean. Father, husband and a communicative human being.

18:45 - Project Stacked: Building a radically new design and prototyping tool based on React

We’ll talk about the problems and needs in our current product design process of large-scale projects and how we will solve them by creating a radically new, open source design and prototyping tool.

Based on React and an entirely open architecture, we enable every designer to instantly create prototypes with interactivity and custom logic, while using a common single source of truth for all interface components – the patternplate (

This talk will result in an open discussion if it aligns all the design and engineering needs across both SinnerSchrader and the community.

Tilman Frick, Markus Ölhafen, Julius Walther are Product Designer and Product Engineers from SinnerSchrader Hamburg

19.30 - Snacks & Drinks

Stay with us for a round of snacks and drinks. Don't expect a full meal, but at least it should help a bit ;)

21.00 - End

At least the Meetup part of the day will end at 21.00 h. We also expect a couple of groups heading to the bars and clubs around in St. Pauli (optional).


All participants are required to agree with the berlin code of conduct ( We invite all of you to help us create safe and positive experiences for everyone.