Sneaky Tiki Ukulele Meetup at Fast Times (third Wednesday of the month)

This is a past event

16 people went

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month

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What we'll do

<<<< The Sneaky Tiki Ukulele Jam and Social Club >>>>

>> What is it all about?

We are a Ukulele Jam & Social Club.
Members of our Sneaky Tiki Meetup get together to eat, play ukuleles, sing & have a good time.

>> What to expect?

Fun. Super nice friendly people. Crazy Ukulele Playing. More fun.


>> Do I have to play ukulele or be good to come to the Meetup?

No. Our motto is “you don’t have to be good to be here - but you have to be here to have fun” Every good player at Sneaky Tiki was once an absolute beginner. We have classes if you feel lost or want to get better.
You can just fake it too.

You can sit at a table with other Tikis or friends and sing and/or play along with the group, watch from the shadows in safety, or pick a tune from the Tiki Tunebook and get up and sing it with the Tiki performance team on stage. It’s a fun, positive, entertaining family friendly event. Audience participation is always encouraged!

>> What kind of music do you play at Sneaky Tiki?

We rock out. We play many styles of music; classic rock, blues, pop tunes, swing, indie…etc.
Note* We do not play any Traditional Hawaiian Music or Hula Music.
There are other Hawaiian cultural groups that do that.

>>> How do I get the song book?
All of our tunes come from our Sneaky Tiki Tunebook.
If you are first time visitor we have a limited number of loaner Tunebooks and loaner ukuleles available during the Meetup.
They go fast so grab one early!

If you sign up as a Sneaky Tiki Member you can get the download link to the Tiki DropBox and instructions on how to download and use our Interactive PDF Tiki Tunebooks.

>> What makes Sneaky Tiki different from other Ukulele Meetups?

We are a Ukulele Meetup and Social Club.

It’s not just a Meetup…it’s a community of really nice people who share a common interest in music, ukulele, and enjoying life - and you can be a part of it. Many of our members have developed life long friendships.

There are many ways to get involved in the Sneaky Tiki Community.
You can choose any or all of them.

++ Participate in Fun Sneaky Tiki Ukulele events throughout the year!

++ We offer the best and most fun hands-on Ukulele Group Classes
in San Diego from beginner to advanced.

++ Join the San Diego Ukulele Orchestra class and perform concert
recitals as part of a group!

++ Be a part of the Sneaky Tiki Performance Team!

++ Be a Tiki Volunteer and be a part of the planning and Tiki events team!


>> Are there club fees? How much does it cost?

The "Tiki Way" is to support each other and be a part of the
Sneaky Tiki Community.

Tikis believe in community, have a “Win Win” attitude and are genuinely considerate people.

Support the Venue! Fast Times supports us. We support them.
Order food and beverages, tip your server.

First Timers are Free.

At the Meetup we ask participating Tikis to put $5 into the Sneaky Tiki Jar