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The clothing exchange brings fashionistas, vintage connoisseurs and op-shopping veterans together to swap clothes in order to update their wardrobes and save the planet! The clothing exchange team hosts a monthly clothing exchange events where people swap clothes they no longer wear for those they will. Additionally, The Clothing Exchange sporadically holds events for Fashionable Families, Fashionistas with designer tastes and the well dressed gentlemen of Sydney. Over the last few years, people have been attending these exchange events, enjoying the hunt for ‘new’ clothes to replace those they contributed within a friendly, social context. The exchange is like a giant clothing store where everything is free. The only currency that counts are the buttons received for the garments contributed upon entry that are later used to ‘pay’ for the new selections. When the exchange begins, the room is filled with racks laden with clothes. Upon conclusion, there’s a small pile on the floor as attendees leave with bags full, big smiles and credit cards remain unused inside wallets. The exchange releases “fashion waste” from closeted detention where it’s given a second life instead of contributing to landfill or worse… “housefill”. The clothing exchange was developed by Kate Pears in response to the need for reducing Australia’s problem of wasteful consumption which is soaring above the 10 billion dollar mark each year. Unlike most forms of environmental activism, the exchange enlivens and excites people by amplifying the simple, sustainable practice of sharing. While people attend the event seeking a free wardrobe update, they often find themselves equally elated by the prospect of seeing their unwanted clothes getting a new lease on life and feel good taking part in collective action for sustainable development.

Past Events

National Swap Day Sydney

Public House Petersham

Footprints Ecofestival Clothes Swap

Footprints Eco Fetsival

ABC Radio Sydney War on Waste Clothes Swap

ABC Ultimo Centre

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