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What we’re about

As this Group's name suggests; the Group was established for "males" who like male "Exhibitionism", the male body in its natural naked state.

By making an enquiry / application to join this Group you are confirming that you are:

1. Of the male gender,

2. At least 18 years of age,

3. Not offended by males exhibiting themselves, and participating in a variety of "activities", in their natural naked state,

4. Acknowledging that we are all unique individuals with varying desires, wants, and levels of exhibitionism and "activities",

5. Ageeing that at all times "No means NO" and non-judgementally respect other Members right to their opinion.

This group was originally established for "men only; who are into exhibitionism, safe and or daring / risky situations".

Why not join this Group now. Your thoughts, ideas and suggestions will assist in shaping the future initivities for this group.

Liability: Every person participating in an activity conducted by Sydney Males Only Group Exhibitionists MeetUp group (SMOGE) does so as a volunteer in all aspects, and as such accepts responsibility for any personal injury, however incurred.SMOGE  Organizers, Hosts and leaders do not accept liability in regard to any injury or damage suffered by any person while engaged in any SMOGE activities.