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Thought provoking. Soul searching. Inspiring.

Conversation is the birthplace of understanding and relationship.

What is a conversation?

To me, conversation means spontaneous,interactive and responsive communication between two people or more. In conversation, to be able to communicate, one has to learn the art of listening ( not with preconceived ideas or belief). It is NOT an exchange of thoughts or ideas. One can only respond when one listen not only with what was said but with an understanding of what has been said. So, please come with an empty mind because it is only a 'still' lake that mirror a true reflection.

Explore, discover and be inspired with conversation of daily practical wisdom. Join us for a meal or drinks as we explore together the mystery of what we call life! Each conversation will centre around a question. The question will bring our attention to what matter most from career, meaning of life to relationship.Taking place once a month around cafes,restaurants or bars (quiet ones if that's an option). It's food for thought!

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