WAsshoi! Japanese ⮂ English Language Exchange

What we'll do

Here at WAsshoi! ( WAっしょい! ), we aim to connect young adults that want to learn English and Japanese together in a casual, comfortable and welcoming environment.

This event is as it says; language exchange - it is THE focus of the event.
By attending the event, you will be subjected to our Code of Conduct.
( https://rebrand.ly/pjlcc-coc )

$2 contribution to the event ( this event is not-for-profit, money that gets collected will be used to provide snacks for attendees )

【 Preferred attendance 】
・Inside the 19 - 40 year old age group
・Have -at least- the basic ability of the language they intend to learn ( that is, BOTH English AND Japanese )

We hope to see you at the event and to make new friends in this lovely city of Perth, WA!