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There's a new kind of React JS Meetup in town! Want a React meetup by the community, for the community? Want a React meetup that's open, welcoming, and inclusive to everyone? Guys, gals, non-binary, whomever? Want a React meetup that's nonjudgemental, no matter your experience level? Whatever you identify as, you're welcome at useReact. New York City's newest React Meetup.

And… We do have a Code of Conduct (https://usereact.nyc#coc) to gently remind everyone what is expected.

We'll have talks from some of the industry's foremost experts in React. We'll also have folks new to React share their learning experience.

Talks are great, but we're also doing something a bit different from your average tech meetup. We're having plenty of 1:1 breakout time with the presenters. No scripts, just answering your questions in a casual mingle about format.

(Psst... oh, and as the name implies, we'll do a fair amount of talking about Hooks)

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useReactNYC Meetup #6 😎

275 7th Ave

We're happy to announce our sixth useReactNYC Meetup! It will be held at ClassPass at 275 7th Avenue. We'd like to thank ClassPass for their sponsorship! Be sure to check out our Code of Conduct at useReact.NYC. Our amazing speakers are Adekunle Oduye & Neil Kimmett! ----------- **Deep Dive into the Great Gatsby** Abstract: Lately everyone in the web community has been talking about Gatsby and how great it is...but why is that? Gatsby has made it possible for front-end developers to build static but dynamic websites without needing to mess with a database. Learn how you and your team can leverage Gatsby to improve the product development process and break down the barriers between designers and developers. Adekunle Oduye (Add-eh-koon-lay Oh-due-yay) is a Senior UX Engineer at Mailchimp where he is helping to build out a design system that serves millions of users. He enjoys working where design meets development. Some of the topics he's interested in are design systems, data visualization and UI animation. When Adekunle isn't building software, you can probably find him mentoring the next wave of designers and developers or living his best life. ----------- **React Native in a native world** Abstract: In the last year React Native has received a lot of bad press, notably from Airbnb's decision to move away from React Native. At ClassPass we have a successful app used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world that is a hybrid of old native code (Swift, ObjC, Java and Kotlin) and new React Native code. This talk will walk through some of the lessons we've learned from introducing React Native into our codebase, and will help you learn from our triumphs — and mistakes — and ultimately evaluate whether the technology is a good fit for your product and team. Neil Kimmett is a mobile developer who has worked for a range of small startups and large brands across London, New York and San Francisco. Currently he works at ClassPass in NYC where we're trying to help people live healthier, more fulfilling lives. He has previously given talks across various different topics, from his open source contributions to the Swift programming language to his experience crafting user interfaces for Apple Watch. In his spare time he loves to listen to disco, rock climb, and ride his bike around town.

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