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11 May 2019

What style of writing do you enjoy?

I suppose what I write is in the realm of speculative fiction. I love murder and magic. Dystopia futures. Fantasy, and even a little Horror. Particularly, when it features twists and plots that you just could not see coming. Although I find what I write tend to be perhaps 'speculative fiction/philosophy? Currently I am focussing on short stories. In terms of reading, I feel like, whilst there is nothing like the smell of a new book, I also love and welcome digital publishing and adore my Kindle, I've quite the library on there, including; Ursula LeGuin, N.K. Jemisin, Garcia Marquez, Murakami, Neil Gaimon, Terry Pratchett, Margaret Atwood and many others. I am thoroughly looking forward to meeting many like minded individuals to share in this wonderful, crazy writing adventure.

What are you looking to gain from the group?

Writing can be a very isolated and sometimes lonely pursuit. I work full time and sometimes feel tired, and finding the motivation each week sometimes feels like a gruelling slog. I am looking to connect with like minded individuals and to be part of a writing community where there is a culture of openness and respect. I always feel if you're sharing with others it makes everyone's individual journey, feel more natural. I want to meet with positive people who want to support everyone in their community to succeed. I want to support others to succeed. What a joy to see someone create something beautiful which then takes flight and has a life of its own in this world.