What we're about


1. of or pertaining to life
2. having remarkable energy, spirit, liveliness, or force of personality
3. being the seat or source of life
4. essential to the existence, continuance, or well-being of something; indispensable.

Vital Living is a tribe of worldly explorers who share an ambition to celebrate our capacity to live and grow...with spirited force!

Our explorers are seeking to gain greater awareness of their world, their communities and their personal well-being. They are interested in holistic health, conscious eating, creativity, sub-cultures, unique artforms, altered states of consciousness, working with plant medicine, spirituality, ecstatic dancing, tantric massage and meditation, chakra cleansing, self-healing and educational seminars...in an endeavour to cultivate a vital mind, body and spirit! We seek to inspire greater awareness and understanding of the complexity, beauty and power of our human bodies and ways we can connect deeper with our bodies to enhance our feelings of vitality and well-being.

We see ourselves as explorers, artists and creators and therefore want to build a group that goes beyond concepts of “right” and “wrong”, to instead create an alternate space where ALL can feel invited, included and welcome to join and contribute!

The aim of our events and activities are to generate understanding and deep connection with the Source of life; connection with our food, connection with our bodies, connection with our emotions, connection with nature, connection with each other, connection with our spirit/God...and have bunches of fun along the journey of our discovery :)

Come and explore with us!

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Practitioner night
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Pure Wellbeing Massage & Natural Therapies

A night for Sydney practitioners to meet, connect and discuss how we can work together to grow our industry and ourselves.

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Aboriginal Meditation - Muguwarbang Ngurang

m2 Gallery

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