Thanksgiving Speck 🦃 28.11.

What we'll do

Boo! 👻

Join us for yet another amazing web & speck after the looonnngg summer break ☀️

We will be joined by Philip Krauss from Elastic ( with his talk:

# Our journey from LIKE % to full text search
I’d like to share our journey from the request: “we need a search on our website” to a scalable, multilingual full text search. High level emphasis are put on some lessons learned and design decisions taken along the road.

Furthermore we are happy to have Wolfgang Gassler, who has been working in the field of web engineering and databases
since the 90s. Most recently he worked for Trivago ( His talk is titled:

# Forget databases - use files!
Nowadays, it is very common to throw databases on every problem. But is it really the best approach, does it scale, and are there better
solutions? In this talk, I will try to convince you to get rid of your
databases ;) and of course, I am also looking forward to a very lively
discussion about this topic.