The Ultimate Sales Mastery Workshop For Small Business - A 1-DAY Intensive

What we'll do

5 Keys to CONVERT a Prospect into a Paying CLIENT

This workshop is for you if you don't like selling, feel uncomfortable asking for a sale but know you have to get better at selling if you want a successful business.

This is a customised workshop where I will reveal the answers to...

>> “Why Some People Make MILLIONS and Others Flop in Businesses – YOU CAN’T MISS IT

>> “5 Ways To Get People to Say YES, Without Being Salesy” - Everything you need to know to ROCK at Selling

>> “How To Identify The Emotional Triggers That Will Get The Results You Want Every Single – THIS WILL SURPRISE YOU

Plus Much, Much More...

If you really want to know the simplest, fastest and most lucrative way to build authority and get noticed in a market full of people doing the same thing as you, then join me in this personalised workshop. It could make the difference to your business success this year.

Let me be CRYSTAL clear about one thing... you will walk away knowing:

--- The #1 most important action that will have people saying YES.

--- How to uncover your hidden, but greatest selling tool.

--- The best method to stand out from the crowd in a congested market

--- 3 best ways to get really comfortable about selling

If you are in your own business and missing out on sales because you don't want to be pushy or you simply don't know what to say then you can't afford to miss this workshop.

Register today.

Your are going to learn...
1. How to embed the basics of success
2. To foster a confident selling mind-set
3. To cultivate your own authentic selling approach
4. To develop connection and loyalty
5. How to follow up and close without being pushy

Jaleesa Paine from Savvy Home Loans had this to say about this workshop... "Janeen’s workshop on the 5 Keys to Authentic Selling was fantastic! Janeen’s wonderfully warm and friendly persona created an inviting atmosphere and allowed all present the freedom to fully participate and get the most out of the content that was being presented.
The teaching style was great and not once did I feel like I was going to fall asleep (like I have in other courses and workshops) as we were continually engaged. The workshop was hands on and we were able to apply what we were learning to our personal circumstances and businesses, so the content became real and practical, not just something you learn and forget the next day. I left the workshop feeling empowered and with a new found level of confidence and belief in myself, my product and my sales ability and skills to make a difference to the clients we service. Thank you Janeen for sharing this amazing workshop, it was brilliant!"

This workshop is limited to 8 people so book early to ensure you don't miss this.

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