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This is a support group for women, like you and me, who have decided to get pregnant and for whatever reason it's taking longer than expected! If you've been trying for a YEAR to have your FIRST baby, have had a lost pregnancy through miscarriage or are going through assisted reproduction (IVF etc.) this group is for you.

It can be very isolating when all around you it seems as though everyone you know is either pregnant or has children. People who have not experienced infertility often do not understand what you are going through and are not always the best support.

This is a group for women to come together and share their stories with others who can relate. It is a space where you can cry, laugh and share ideas to help stay connected to yourself and others during this process.

You are not a failure and you are not alone. This is a group for women to meet up once a month in casual setting and share our stories with others who relate.

We are not a therapy group or affiliated to any hospital or IVF clinic, just a group of women getting together to share our stories and support.

So, the next thing you need to do is upload a photo so we can look out for you at the next meeting and tell us a bit about yourself.

Come join our group, we are looking forward to meeting you!

Our meeting is for a mix of TTC and (finally) pregnant women, finally mothers, sometimes women include who've given birth to their first. We say 'finally' as it is for women who have been trying a year or more. We used to hold TTC only groups but found that women kept falling pregnant and then had no support during the pregnancy. For those unsure being around pregnant women, it is very different being around a women who has struggled to conceive as opposed to one who has fallen pregnant very easily in the first month. Women who've had difficulty really understand what it is like to not be able to conceive and they themselves often still filled with fear that they'll lose their baby, it's not an easy process for anyone. We can all support each other where ever we are at on this journey.

Any member is welcome to start hosting a meeting anywhere in Melbourne, it's very easy, just email us and we can make you a host and post your meeting date, time and venue. We'd love to have meetups happening all over Melbourne!!

House Keeping

This Meet up Group is for women who are trying to fall pregnant with their first child, when a member falls pregnant it has been decided that when they feel ready to share their news with the group it needs to be done via a group email or text (and perhaps update your group member profile), this way we can each process the information in our own time (so please make sure you let the relevant members know at least half a week or so before any upcoming meet up). They can share their news when they feel ready and can be any time and doesn't have to be when they've had their first positive pregnancy test, but before they are showing of course!

Group Back Ground

When the group first started in 2011 by Karin, there were only the CBD meetings in Federation Sq and were for women trying to conceive only. When Karen fell pregnant, Susie took over the group. When Susie fell pregnant she started a second meeting in Camberwell for both TTC and pregnant women, which was then taken over by Tanya, who also fell pregnant (so we think it's 'lucky' to host a meeting!). In January 2015, Jess and Vriti took over as co-organisers and hosts for the group and the CBD meetings continued.

Please also go to our 'pages' page for lots more useful information. We look forward to meeting you soon and supporting you in your journey towards conceiving your first baby!

If you would like to have a chat on the phone before attending a meeting please see our mobile numbers which are either on our profiles or on the meeting description, we are more than happy to chat!

Thanks and we look forward to meeting you soon!

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