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Release Stress
Cultivate Inner Peace
Gain Mental Clarity & Focus
Balance Chakras & Cleanse Aura
Send Prayers of Peace to the Earth

Release all stress to ambient music, candlelight and guided meditation. A one hour journey of relaxation through body, mind and spirit. We will incorporate the full moon energy into our meditation to amplify our intentions and dreams into reality. We will use visual tools to release and heal mental or emotional blockages and issues. Then from a place of clarity send out our intentions and dreams for manifesting the joyful abundant lives that we deserve.

Class is led by Sahara Rodriguez who has studied with spiritual teachers from around the world, bringing together many paths in the spirit of Oneness. She teaches that while we may be on a spiritual path, the love of our creator is available to us here and now, exactly how we are in this moment. Sahara has compassionately assisted many people with various levels of dis-ease from insomnia, migraines, depression, drug and alcohol addiction, MS, cancer, physical pain, AIDS and Alzheimer’s. Sahara is a massage therapist, Reiki Master and author of the inspiring, “Beyond the Reflection.” (Available at or She has been leading meditation classes and holistic workshops throughout the US for 10 years.

Suggested donation $15.00

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