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Quantum Consciousness Transformation Workshop

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UPDATE: This event has unfortunately been cancelled, HOWEVER, Catrin is available for private sessions. If you are interested, please send your name and phone number to [masked] or call[masked] and she will respond on Sept 18th to set up a suitable time. She is in the Vancouver area until September 22nd. Fee: $75/1-hour session.

Catrin Jacksties is coming to Canada from New Zealand to share the 2-point method of energetic transformation. This method is a 2000 year old tool used by Hawaiian Shamans. It is easy to learn and just a few simple skills can make a huge difference in your health vitality and quality of life. If you've heard of Quantum Healing or Matrix Energetics, you will enjoy this.

More information:

Recently uncovered (or re-discovered) principles of quantum physics have ignited a large and growing body of information, and Youtube is a goldmine of information.

Starting here: , then looking up what grabs your interest will lead you deeper into what current thinking is telling us about time, space, consciousness, matter, energy, and the very nature of reality. Guys like Deepak Chopra, Dr. Amit Goswami, Greg Braden, and any of the others in the documentary “What The Bleep Do We Know”, TO NAME ONLY A FEW, are telling us some new and very cool stuff about consciousness. There's a mountain of mind boggling new science out there, picking into the fabric of our perceived reality.

While not a set-in-stone requirement, becoming acquainted with some of this new information can put you in a better place to understand the mechanics of the 2 point. It's also perfectly ok to learn the tool without knowing any of the underlying quantum physics - it still works! I'm personally finding it pretty fascinating.

So what is 2 point?

A consciousness based technology (Richard Bartlett's words) or a tool for accessing the (zero point) field, the matrix, the insert-other-term-here, in order to facilitate a desired outcome.

It’s a way to play with this new information, interactively!

How is it done? Well, that's what the workshop is for!!

You can watch Catrin's similar workshop at: . I've found it helpful, as it's a lot to take in, but again, not a definite prerequisite.