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Join us for our community Reiki Circle. This one will be open to those who have not had a reiki class yet. Those who wish may register for the upcoming REIKI class $75 OFF (deadline November 3rd). Please understand you are not registered for the circle until you pay your registration for the event.

REGISTER BY PAYPAL Please follow the directions how below:
$20 donation. If you prefer you can send a check or money order (call for mailing address: 510-830-5836). Registration must be received prior to event.

paypal to : (select "personal" NOT "business" and please leave NOTES section BLANK).

Reiki Circle, What is it Reiki? How to do it, What's it like, What's it good for. Reiki, guided meditation, tai chi, and community all assisting in waking up to the life you are meant to live.
Experienced or new to Reiki.
Get your questions answered.
Hear the benefits and first hand experience
Chance to Receive Reiki.

(private COUNSELING, ENERGY HEALING, APPRENTICING, MASSAGE sessions available - see and/or call 510-830-5836)

Please read from your computer, iphones dont show important details.

Pre-PaiD Registration Required


Chriss Diaz has been Reiki Master Teacher and Energy Healer, Counselor and life coach, Workshop Leader and Teacher for intuitives, empaths and sensitives for the last 15 years. He is also proprietor of "Bodywork For the Soul", professional massage blended with energy healing.

Agreements and sentiments in our community:
-be true to your soul
-feel your feelings
-be in your body
-treat others with honor and respect
-harm none
-work on your issues
-notice judgments and attachments
-gratitude is the way toward happiness
-love is the direction of all healing
-act in right relationship with
all things
-think good thoughts

Community members may participate in regular gatherings of practice, awareness, sharing and healing. Private one on one counseling, coaching, teaching, energy healing, bodywork and apprenticeship is available to lay people and practitioners (or practitioners to be). Please see below for details.

Please inquire about any of these services, apprenticeship, or classes in Reiki I, Reiki II, or Reiki master.

Below find Comments from attendees, clients, and students; description of my practice;
bio and experience history.

group owner: chriss diaz

professional website:

Facebook: Reikiteacher Redwood

phone: 510-830-5836


"I felt the strength from the groundedness. I felt the effect spiritually, mentally and physically. I noticed how the energy of the members of the group were affected by this. The energy work felt great".

"I will take from today a recognition of the chi available here. I learned to recognize the restriction of energy. I felt a sens of peace and safety."

"I had an incredible experience! The insights, ideas, thoughts and energy will resound with me."

"Doing the energy and awareness activities was fun. I really felt energized after doing the Reiki! Thank you!"

Thanks for the gathering. It was powerful! I removed a lot of tension.

"The Reiki circle was magical last night! Thank you!"

"Thank you so much for the group last night! I had a great time meeting you and the others and connecting."

“ The meditation on our desires and the reiki was really powerful and I am already seeing my life change for the better. ”

“ It was great sharing Reiki and connecting with the group! Enjoyed very much learning about touch, being more aware of boundaries, and about how to honor ourselves, our truth. Thank you. ”

“ A great group of people. I enjoyed our conversations and activities. ”

"I Felt a sense of oneness and became very present."
"I discovered my abilities. I felt a reconnection."
"I felt a love and generosity and a desire to help others. My spirit felt light and expanding."
"I found my Breath and my roots."
"I found comfort and a deep inner joy. "
"I discovered a sense of freedom and a relaxed mindset."
"I felt more relaxed on a deep core level. "
"The sense of community I found is very strong."

"I'll take with me compassion being given to me and tools to help myself and others. I absolutely recommend this."

"I learned to trust my intuition more. I experienced the compassion and love of others and I got to experience it. I feel like I am on the right path."

"I found a stronger trust in myself. I found that I contribute to the world, that I am very much loved."

For over 15 years I have been helping others heal, grow, connect to themselves and evolve their consciousness and or spirituality. I use any number of a multitude of modalities including therapeutic counseling, energywork such as Reiki and shamanic work. I have an uncanny intuition and an acutely high perception that allows me to see behavior and energy patterns (patterns sourced from family of origin, culture, or inherent to the person's soul) and to know what to bring into the work that will assist my clients to improve, transition, and transform.
I help my clients see their patterns, develop their own abilities and teach tools helpful specifically to their dynamic. I include trans-personal psychology, spirituality, mysticism and leading edge information in nutrition, fitness, in my work.


Chriss Diaz is a holistic healer, energy healer of multiple modalities, a teacher, counselor and life coach, change-maker, activist, culture healer, body-worker and mystic. He maintains a private practice in the Rockridge area of Berkeley, where he also teaches and writes.

Chriss has spent the last 15 years learning and teaching holistic remedies to the individual and collective living experiences of today.

His teachings draw from Buddhism, Reiki, Trans-Personal Psychology, Women’s Studies, Native American tradition, Earth Based Spiritual traditions, Anthropology, Archeology, Sociology, History, Gender Studies, Science, Alternative Economics, Mythology, Cosmology, Shamanic traditions, spiritual principles from numerous
traditions, Qi Gong, and many forms of energy balancing, Quantum Physics, Body Energetics, The Human Potential Movement, Unified Field Theory, Liberation Theory, Diversity Training, Co-Counseling Theory, leading edge Nutrition, Eastern and Western Tantra, and the Esoteric Traditions.

Chriss has served as a volunteer counselor, advocate and teacher for; youth wards of the state, elders at nursing homes, and for women through a women’s center. He has been an activist organizing for women’s rights and in the prevention of violence against women, gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender rights, antiracism, antiwar, and environmental issues.
Chriss served professionally providing direct care, advocacy, counseling and healing to infant children, teen mothers, homeless families, clients of a mental health social service agency, disabled persons, survivors of trauma and the general population.

Comments from clients:

"In my time working with Chriss, I have been continually amazed at his remarkable ability to sense energy and respond to my specific needs as a healer. His awareness works on many levels . He has a huge heart. He is able to penetrate the sufferings and roles imposed by culture and conditioning. Chriss's work is powerful on a personal level and has had an enormous impact on me. I am eternally grateful to have found him at this time in my life."

"When I met Chriss, I was in a dead end job, in a deep depression and very blocked. I felt my life would not ever be able to change. Now, I feel very powerful. I have not been depressed for over a year. Chriss helped me develop abilities unique to me and very rare. Now I have found that I am able to help others. My life is happy and fulfilling. I am very thankful for our work together."

“Working with Chriss is like having an exceptionally skilled and capable mirror in my life advocating for me. I felt held in compassion and safe within to share myself because of the safe space he held for me to be heard. Experiencing his energy medicine was like the sensation of being enveloped back inside the womb and I felt I could see, feel and experience being in an experience of Divine Love. He is the most powerful mirror I have had of what true unconditional love really is and through him, I learned to really love and respect myself and hold compassion for who I am, instead of living in shame, regret and judgment of myself. I am able to really understand and know myself and frame my “story” in a light of the beautiful being that I AM because Chriss helped me to realize and live my truth. Chriss is a true healer, compassionate heart, and friend on my journey through life.”

"You changed my life! I will be forever grateful!"

"You're the reason I'm alive today. What more can I say?"

Comments from students taking my classes:

“ I had a great time and had one of the most uplifting experiences of my life! ”

"Wow! Thank you for this teaching! Thanks for the hands on practice and practical knowing useful
for tranquility in my life".

"Very deep experience! Great knowledge! Amazing power of hands-on work.
Energy flow was vibrant! I will take away additional teaching tools. Good balance"!

"I had a wonderful time! Your philosophy and Teaching are cool"!

"Chris is a very effective teacher. It was amazing how quickly I reached a space of true resonance." Lao Sun

Comments from clients:
"In 20 years in this business, I've never seen anything like it!"
"I'm in total bliss. I had this tension on my chest and now it's released!"
"Best massage I ever had!"
"I felt like I returned home. It was indescribable"!
"My fear is no longer over-powering. I'm more confident."
"I'm filled with gratitude and bliss."
"I feel more centered and grounded, more peaceful."
"This is really powerful. I've received a lot of Reiki healing, but this was, wow!"
"Wow! That was incredible! I didn't believe in energy work until now."




Reiki description:
Reiki is a gentle powerful energy that helps with
physical, emotional, and spiritual healing or
change and assists one on their personal life
path. Just one experience and you will begin to know experimentally what it is.
It is also a non-religious(secular)
method of personal or spiritual development
and requires no change in your belief system.

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