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Energy, Empowerment, Prayer and the Wider World

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We know that energy medicine and energy psychology provide us with powerful ways of understanding and coping with our personal challenges. But we also face larger issues involving politics, public policy, environmental concerns, justice, poverty, violence etc. etc.

How can we use our understanding and skill with energy to better respond to the challenges of the Wider World?

I would like to share with you some ways of thinking and understanding big events on the world stage in energetic, transpersonal and shamanic terms. I will also share some energy prayers that I've found helpful, in particular, two practices that involve balancing energy with the 7 chakras. One is a more general practice for spiritual self-development. The other is designed for bringing healing to the specific people and places that most concern you.

So many of us involved in energy healing work came out of necessity from our own high degree of sensitivity to subtle energy. As energy sensitives, the world we experience is routinely more intense and more challenging than it is for others. Let's talk about those challenges, the choices that we have and the ways that we can deal with the intense things that come at us unbidden.