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The Paris Philosophy Cafe in English Monthly Meetup

Every 1st Wednesday of the month

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Philo Cafe in English : 1st Wednesday of the month, 7 : 00 to 9: 00 PM

Cafe de Flore / 1st floor

Hello !

.....and thank you for your interest in the Cafe Philo in Engllish.

Yes, we are having our Cafe Philo as usual on the 1st wednesday of next month.

If you inscribe you will get a reminder from the Web site and if you want to participate you will also get info on other activities like philo dinners etc.

2 suggestions (always the same but still valid):

1/ Try to come a bit BEFORE 7 PM as we would like to start on time (since we have to STOP on time)

2 / If you have a topic you would like to be discussed, please try to WRITE IT DOWN BEFOREHAND, to formulate it well or just hand the moderator your topic on paper. there is also a microphone to voice it out loud.. It will have better chances to be chosen if it is short and clear.

It can be an aphorism (Beauty is in the eye of the beholder) , a question (What should we teach our children ?), etc. but if possible not too general.

PS : both these above topics were chosen !

See you 1st Wednesday this next month/!


Cafe de Flore
metro Line 4, St Germain des Pres
The Cafe philo is on the 1 st floor

Extra info:

Just in case :

How does it work ?
At the beginning the participants propose topics, one of which is chosen. Then for the remaining two hours participants give their comments - in turn - and the moderator intervenes to reframe the topic and to keep the debate civil, etc.

What is a topic ?
A good topic is either a question or a quote or an aphorism, generally short which raises a problem with a two - or more - sided answer. (recommendation : very general subjects are rarely chosen i.e. “What is Life” , apparently more simple questions give great debates, i.e. “What is a fact ?” / “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, etc.)

Will I have to talk ?
Of course not, if you do not raise your hand !

I did not study philosophy ! Will I understand ?
Most people who come are not professional philosophers, but we hope to express thoughts that are not just simple opinions but which are the result of our thoughts, conversations we have been in, experiences we have had or books we have read.
(Pro-Philosophers are more than welcome, of course).
And a big part of the enjoyment comes from listening and learning.

Do I have to order something ?
Yes, this is important ! The Café de Flore is a great place, but also a place of commerce. The Café Philo is a free event, but having at least a cup of coffee is necessary.