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🕺 Jazz music festival with TCECM fun night🕺

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Bess �.
🕺 Jazz music festival with TCECM fun night🕺


Let's do Jazz music festival together this year tooooooooo
Picnic time babiesssssssssss

📍 Event: Jazz music festival
📍 Date: Oct 15th Saturday
📍 Time: 19:00
📍 Location: civil square/ people plaza (whatever its name is)
Google map link:
📍 Things you can bring:
Food or drink to share
Your own tableware or cup
Picnic map
Garbage bag
Little table
Tissue paper/ wet tissue
Lights/ lamps
Nice mood

As usual after we found the spot
We will post photos on this facebook page so you can find us
But just in case
It’s still better you have some contacts of the people who is already here
That day will definitely be crowded

‼ ‼ ‼ Very important RULE ‼ ‼ ‼
No matter it’s the thing you bring or use
Even if the food or drink is not finished
I have to say sorry for this
But every single time we will have too much trash left which caused a lot of trouble for the other people
So this is the password for this event this time
When you come
I will ask you this password before you can join us 😉
Very important please keep that in mind

Then we can have fun all together ❤️

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