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What we’re about

This meetup is for international professionals and students seeking an English speaking job in Sweden.
We come together each month for networking with fellow expats, professionals at global companies and innovative startups in Sweden. 

Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of international oriented jobs in Sweden.
Sweden is an export economy, most Swedes speak English and most companies look towards international markets for their customers.  Finding a job in Sweden is all about where you look, who you know and how you apply.

In addition to our networking events, we will be holding regular seminars and workshops in partnership with Intermind Consulting. Make sure you check the calendar regularly.

From time to time we will also notify you of jobs in Sweden that are in English or require other languages such as Spanish, German, Italian, Greek, Arabic etc.

Join this group for:
- help with customising your CV, Coverletter for the Swedish job market
- help and advice with your job search
- help with networking and meeting employers

For international students:
Join the group and meet people working at international companies.
Network and discover thesis, internships  or work placement opportunities.

For international professionals or if you have just moved to Sweden:
Join the group and network at our monthly events.  Often the best way to get a job in Sweden is via networking and referrals.  Find jobs at fit your cultural background, market experience and language skills.

For entrepreneurs
Join the group and discover jobs at Startups. In partnership with and Sthlm startups we host monthly networking events for you to meet with some of sthlms fastest growing startups and discover jobs in Tech, marketing, finance.

Useful links & partners: - Discover jobs at Swedish startups - Consultants in international market operations and recruitment

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