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擴大社交圈子, 認識新朋友, 發下癲, 同埋學野既地方

我地會HOLD一 D 大家都有興趣既活動

例如暑假既船P, BBQ, 唱K, HAPPYHOUR, 飯局, 行山,, boardgame

以至 1D wine tasting, 股票入門, 電視研討會, 同一D攝影興趣班都會搞

將最chill 既野帶比大家同一齊進步:)

We like to gather a group of under 30's in the city,

who carry some sense of humor

to take part in various activity in the city like

BBQ, HappyHour drinking, hiking, boardgame,

Or even wine tasting, investment and photography,

To enrich your social circle and a more interesting story to tell the others

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