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If you don't know about Ingress game then please check out first. If you decide to join the Enlightens then return to this meet up. This meetup is created with the following agenda:
(1) Regularly meet during weekends or holidays and plan for the battle
(2) Recruit new members and help them level up quickly.
(3) Share strategy to win the battle in different region
The Enlightened seek to spread the influence of the mysterious force behind these portals. They wish to help the Shapers infiltrate the earth believing that they will bring with them a new sense of enlightenment and knowledge. Believing the Shapers will help humanity advance they will fight the resistance in order to spread the Shaper’s influence and allow this power to influence mankind. On the intel map their portals and links show up in green.

Enlightened Quotes:
"I, for one, welcome our new energy overlords.
Enlightenment is the next logical step for mankind. Do not resist. To resist, is to fight the inevitable. Accept enlightenment.Embrace its power. Evolve into the beings we were meant to be." -source

Resistance is futile, you will be Enlightened

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Let's meet up and discuss the plan to take over Mumbai in Ingress.

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