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What we’re about

We are a group interested in using the Enneagram of Personality and in deepening our understanding of the system - to serve our own self-awareness (and awareness of the motivations of others), and ultimately to allow our lives to become more vibrant and open.

Newcomers are welcome - just bring an open mind and a willingness to assimilate possibly new ways of seeing. We are dedicated to developing deeper awareness through the Enneagram, and therefore will have sessions often tailored to those who have been studying the system for a while. Newcomers may therefore need some time to get "up to speed."

We meet monthly, typically with short formal presentations devoted to sub-topic areas related to the Enneagram, and sometimes also with experiential practices or exercises, or group discussion. Sometimes there is advance preparation asked, other times not. (The meeting announcement will make this clear each time.) Group size is usually intimate (5 - 15) and individual feedback is provided.

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