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July - Memoir (part 10) - Mia Farrow

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Dear Enneagram group -

We are finally reaching the end-point of our journey over the varied terrain of personal memoir. Our last type for this series, according to our usual pattern of moving around the Enneagram in according to the "arrows of disintegration" will be Type Nine, this time "slow Nine" - per our use of this distinction (see "Notes on 'Fast/Slow Nine' Distinction" below).

Our "slow Nine" memoir will be What Falls Away (Doubleday, 1997) by actress Mia Farrow. Our youngest memoirist (52 at writing), Farrow chronicles the traumas of her childhood in a show-business family, three primary relationships (Frank Sinatra, Andre Previn, Woody Allen) and eventual family of 14 (mostly adopted) children. The memoir is artfully told, with a self-reflective tone that well illustrates the characteristic introspective and social sensitivity of the author's type. There are also certain blind spots revealed, which though harder to see, should make for an interesting discussion.

Written a few years after the author's well-publicized break-up with Woody Allen -- and the revelation of Allen's relationship with Farrow's adoptive daughter Soon-Yi Previn, allegations of child sexual abuse by Allen of another daughter, and related legal battles -- the memoir seems to reach its climax with this series of events. However, the book is by no means dominated by this episode and provides a careful, cohesive and occasionally poetic account of a colorful life. As usual, all are encouraged to obtain and read it in its entirety.

Again, as usual, an short excerpt (from around the climactic section of the book, in this case) is posted for those who cannot read the whole book. (Click More from blue banner below our group name with group-page open - then Files - must be logged into as member of our group to download.) Please read at least the excerpt to participate actively in the discussion.

Finally, our overall theme for the series is again the question: what aspects of life seem to make this person happy? Our type-specific theme for discussion will be "interpersonal harmony" - and how it can be pursued in more or less balanced ways. Please try to give these thematic ideas some thought while reading for the meeting.

Look forward to see you.

Notes on Schedule

We are shifting temporarily in July from our usual first-Tuesday schedule, as the TRS Studios was unable to accommodate us on our usual day this month. Also, the group will be on summer hiatus during the month of August. We will plan to resume regular meetings the first Tuesday in September (right after Labor Day).

Notes on "Fast/Slow Nine" Distinction

An alternative version of the conventional Enneagram has been proposed and discussed in our group for the past several years. Mostly implying refinements and further concepts consistent with the conventional system (as taught starting with Ichazo and Naranjo over the past forty-plus years), this new system incorporates two changes: Naranjo's type-wings are modified, and Enneagram Type Nine is taken to be better described as two separate types - "Fast Nine" and "Slow Nine". (The new system thus technically involves no longer an Enneagram [nine-sided figure] but a "Dekagram" [ten-sided figure].) Briefly, both of these types - "Fast" and "Slow" Nine - share a central trait of conflict-avoidance, but one of them ("Fast Nine") tends specifically to avoid direct conflicts with groups and with other people, while the other ("Slow Nine") tends to avoid conflict within the self -- which can indirectly also lead to conflict-avoidance in relations with others. We will recap more details on this distinction, as needed, at the meeting.