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This Group is No Longer Active.

I can't support effective practice at this time. Thank you for your interest to join and best of luck in your Acting pursuits, I hope you're able to keep looking and find the right space to continue working on the craft : )


Previously on Ensemble Charlotte...

This group is for ACTORS who want to broaden or strengthen their ability with weekly practice.

We workshop our monologues and scenes, so that we're more prepared for the next audition. This is an affordable alternative to professional acting classes that lets us maintain a certain level of active training. Once you graduate from an intensive program, unless you're a working actor, or have the funds, it can be challenging to maintain your "chops." This group is for us to help each other do that while we hold day jobs and look for the next opportunities.

We will likely have weekly meetings on either Wednesdays or Thursdays between 7pm and 10 pm. 

About this rehearsal style: It's open, conducted according to personal and collective feel. I'm not a teacher, but rather a facilitator, offering space and structure to what's really an ensemble-wrapped, self-guided practice. This is about your journey, your discovery and it's about sharing it with the group. As of right now the techniques are Linklater and Viewpoints. However members of the group have studied other techniques and there will eventually be opportunities to practice those other techniques within the group.

6:50 Arrive

7:05 Linklater Warmup 

(for our body and voice to relax and become available to thought and text) (recorded playback of preset exercises)

7:30 Notes 

(taken for yourself)

7:35 Viewpoints by Anne Bogart 

(movement exploration for our bodies) (as self or as character) (will include movement music)

8:00 Notes 

(taken for yourself)

8:05 Monologues and Scenes 

(in succession, no feedback, no pausing)

9:05 Feedback

9:15 End


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