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The Enschede School of AI is part of Siraj Raval's School of AI Global Community.

This meetup page is currently sponsored by the Utrecht School of AI (Wilder Rodrigues).

For more information, please consult Dr. Eng. Beril Sirmacek, lecturer at the University of Twente. Her meeutp name is CREATE4D.

This group is for, but not limited to: AI practitioners, Machine Learning Engineers, Deep Learning Engineers, Software Engineers curious about AI/ML, Computer Science / AI students.

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Dates and times with Pandas

Online event

Pandas is a popular package for data analysis. It's well known that you can use Pandas for working with numbers and text -- but it turns out that the package has strong support for working with dates and times, as well. In this talk, Reuven will demonstrate these date-time capabilities, and how you can use them to perform interesting and useful analyses of your data. The talk will be live-coded into Jupyter, with the resulting notebook available both during the talk and when it's over. There will be plenty of time for Q&A.

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