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Entrepreneurs Breakfast - Share & Get Advice


Needs a location


Connecting Entrepreneurs & Mentors Over Coffee

Are you interested in validating your current business model or concept, but are not sure where to start? This meetup can help.

Many entrepreneurs are overly secretive about their business and how they make money, because they’re afraid someone will steal their idea. As the old adage goes, "an idea is only as good as its execution". What are the odds that someone else will steal your idea and build a successful business out of it? Probably pretty low, so don’t be scared, speak out & share!

The Entrepreneurs Breakfast is an informal mentorship event, where you have the opportunity to present your business, talk about your current challenges, and other people attending will ask questions, challenge your model, provide honest feedback and give you suggestions on how to solve your problems.

> No Guest Speaker: you are immediately asked to introduce your business and share the 2-3 problems/issues where you need the most help (max 8 min for each participant).
> Keeping it Simple: it's all about learning from others and making connections, everyone pays for their own coffee or breakfast.

This breakfast aims to be a regular event where entrepreneurs and business owners share their problems and issues in running their business in order to get advice from others. It's the way mentorship should be: fast, focused and no fluff.