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Teamability: The Secret Sauce for Startups

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Teamability: The ‘Secret Sauce’ for Startup Success

Research from the VC industry found that nearly 70% of funded-company failures are primarily due to “people problems.” Isn’t it strange, then, that so much attention is given to technology, intellectual property, strategy and business development, and so little to helping startup and early-stage leaders learn how to select and build their teams?

Now there’s a way to fully understand the what, the why, and the how of creating a positive, collaborative team structure. It’s called Teamability®, based on completely new technology that identifies and organizes the different ways that people seek to make meaningful contributions to team achievement.

On Tuesday, June 17, 2014, join us at Novotorium to explore the essentials of Teamability with Mark Talaba, serial entrepreneur and EVP of The Gabriel Institute, creators of this new ‘technology of teaming.’

All attendees will receive no-charge access to Teamability. Sign up now, get your personal ‘Self-coaching’ report, and greatly increase the learning value of the live presentation!