Triumph and Transformation: A Next Level Workshop

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Do you want to discover the best version of yourself?

Do you want to have a solution to every problem?

The answers you seek lie within the principles you practice. By learning how to practice principles in all of your affairs you will discover an easily accessible road map to living in fulfillment and working toward your dream life. Principles are universal, practical and spiritual in nature.

This workshop will show you how to radically shift from your mind into your spirit. By learning to apply principles in all of your affairs you can discover what it is like to be happy, joyous, and free. Become a master of your own emotions and learn simple tools for living life on life's terms. In this workshop you will learn how to step into your power and stay in the light.

We'll also be taking a journey through your comfort zone and into your passion-fueled life with enlightening exercises that test your self-knowledge and shine the light on what you truly desire in life.

Discover new avenues to your passion through thought-provoking questions and concepts that will help you pinpoint your personal drive and inspire you to achieve more.

Write out your centenarian speech -- a deceptively simple (and captivating) exercise that has the potential to change the course of your life forever.

Explore your tribe. Dive deep into the personal and professional connections that help you exceed your limits. Then discover how you can contribute more and create a mutual exchange of inspiration and support.