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Ecopia & Food Savers as part of the Environmental Film Festival

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Germany, 25 min each, Producer: Deutsche Welle

These television productions feature intelligent building and sustainable living, and recently won awards at three European film festivals.

Ecopia: Eco-Cities: Hamburg’s HafenCity and Tianjin’s Eco-city in China were conceived as model cities for sustainable, environment-friendly building. In northern Germany, ten new housing developments are taking shape on Europe’s largest inner-city construction site, designed to create a vibrant urban atmosphere on the old Elbe River waterfront. The Tianjin Eco-city in eastern China, on the other hand, is going up on virgin land. This satellite city is seen as a test for cutting urban Chinese energy consumption.

Ecopia: The Sky's the Limit:Never before have so many skyscrapers been under construction all over the world at the same time. A new generation of modern skyscrapers has been designed to help revive city centers, spare the climate and check urban sprawl. Building "green” has now become an economic necessity, especially in Asia’s burgeoning megalopolises. The key question here is whether it is possible to build a high-rise that is both green and efficient. The first certified sustainable office high-rise is currently going up in Panama City. From Vertical Farming in New York City to the "Garden City” of Singapore, environmental skyscrapers are swiftly becoming one of today’s key technologies.

7:15 pm

Food Savers (Essenretter)

Germany, 2013, 60 min, Director: Valentin Thurn

“Eat your broccoli!”, “I want to see an empty plate”, “Finish your food”: no matter what the phrase, we encourage children not to waste food and yet, today, half of it is still thrown away. Food Savers is the story of people who are fighting for a different approach to one of life’s essentials. Farmers, supermarket executives, cooks, design students and completely average households, each one is at a different point in the supply, production and consumption chain. What they all share is the desire to bring about a new appreciation of food, replacing the one that, bit by bit, has been lost in recent years. Screening followed by a discussion.