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Start-Up Week Event: Growing Developers, Growing Diversity

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Elaine will be speaking at Denver Start-up Week about how we can grow and build developers in our community. Would love to have the LadyCoders join the conversation.

The United States, and more specifically the Denver Metro area, needs tech talent. Period.

The software industry openly acknowledges there is a dire need for talent -- programmers, coders, developers, engineers. The largest companies in the industry are actively petitioning for new immigration rules to bring more talent to the United States.

At the same time, there is a dearth of diversity within software development -- females and minorities are extremely underrepresented. And the statistics are showing that the number of females in the tech industry is actually dropping.

Yet, there is a solution -- Grow Developers. My talk will cover all the many ways this community can actively solve the lack of talent problem, and at the same time give solutions for also growing the female and minority tech populations.
It will be a great discussion! One that will hopefully lead to growth and prosperity for Denver Metro Tech companies. Let's lead the way!

Presented by Elaine Marino - Owner at LadyCoders Holdings, LLC

You will need to RSVP with Denver Start-up Week. Here are the details: