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The idea for this group is simple - to meet from time to time, mingle, drink, meet new people and find new places that are friendly towards us, drink-lovers! Wine, beers, craft stuff, spirits, etc - all is accepted and consumed! If you like a drink or two (or more) - join us for some booze&roll!

Ergo Bibamus is a famous poem by Goethe, written in 1810. Below is an excellent English translation (by Herbert Deinert if i am not mistaken). That's what i want to achieve in terms of this group's spirit!



So, Let's Drink!

We're gathered together to sing and rejoice,
My Brothers! Ergo bibamus!
Let's raise our glasses and stop idle talk and
Remember: Ergo bibamus!
The motto is old and tested through time
It fits the occasion whatever the kind
The echo sounds forth from so festive a place,
A glorious Ergo bibamus!

I just saw my lovely beloved and thought
What else but: Ergo bibamus!
But when I approached her she turned me away.
Consoled myself quickly: Bibamus!
And when you make up and finally kiss
Or when you sore miss the hug and the kiss
Just stay with the motto, the best that there is:
Console yourself: Ergo bibamus!

I need to move on and to bid you good bye;
My brothers: Ergo bibamus.
I leave you behind with a cheerful farewell;
So once again: Ergo bibamus!
May miserly scrooges pinch pennies and save
The cheerful at heart always finds what he needs,
He just borrows from someone who's just like himself,
My brothers: Ergo bibamus.

And what do we say to a day like today?
I think we'll say: Ergo bibamus!
The day is unique, a day like today;
Again and again then: Bibamus!
It's joy that unlocks and opens each door.
The clouds glisten bright and the fog shrouds no more.
An image takes shape, it is small but divine;
Let's sing and rejoice and: Bibamus!

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