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ERIE presents: Entheogenic Integration and Individuation

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Please join us for an event on Integration and Individuation

October 29th 6:30-9pm (Doors open at 6pm)

Namaster Hall (3rd floor) CIIS

1453 Mission St.


Justin Hartery, MFTI

Integrate your peak experience

Have you ever returned from a peak experience and struggled to live from that vibrant, magical place within yourself that you now know to exist? It is very common to experience a sense of disillusionment, come-down, and compartmentalization from these expansive states as one returns to the more “ordinary” conventions of reality. It is fall in the bay and many of us are coming back to the city from epic adventures and transformational experiences of all kinds. Rather than return to complacency and wait for the next journey to provide you with a temporary sense of fulfillment through yet another "life-changing" experience, learn how to bring your dreams to life by growing an embodied relationship with your essential self.

This talk is for those who have experienced significant transformative shifts through spiritual awakenings, retreats, festivals, pilgrimages, medicine journeys, etc. and wish to integrate their peak experiences into their daily lives. Through a creative framework based in somatics, energy medicine, and mindfulness, I will offer discussions, exercises and practices that allow participants to access, ground and stabilize their peak experience within themselves and carry their inspiration into the world in a tangible and practical way.

Justin Hartery MFTI is a graduate from the California Institute of Integral Studies’ Somatic Psychology program and works in San Francisco and Oakland as a Somatic Counselor. His work is deeply influenced by Formative Psychology, eastern and indigenous wisdom traditions, mindfulness, shamanism, and social justice. He is most inspired by helping people empower themselves by learning how to tap the aliveness that is already generated within them.


Larry Norris, MA and Julie D. Megler , MSN

Self-Discovery, Relationship, and Community Through Entheogenic Integration

The intention of this talk is to introduce the concept of integration, a series of physical, emotional, and spiritual techniques that translate the insights of entheogenic spaces into daily life. Returning from paradigm-shifting journeys can be challenging. Contrary to animistic cultures, contemporary consciousness exploration often lacks community support and mentorship to develop ineffable insights induced by these medicines. Integration is a skillset to cultivate the relationship with transpersonal realms while avoiding the pitfalls of spiritual materialism and spiritual bypassing. This process emphasizes the need to give time and attention to both the preparation and implementation of entheogenic experiences. In addition, we will touch on the topic of intimacy when individuals are working with medicinal plants. We suggest how to support the emergence of vulnerable states while effectively communicating in partnerships. We illustrate how integration benefits self-discovery, relationship, and community building in both sacred and recreational contexts.

Julie D. Megler is a board certified nurse practitioner in psychiatry and family medicine. She received her Master’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Miami, Florida. Julie grew up in the Metro Detroit area, and after graduating, returned to work in the St. John Hospital emergency room. Julie then pursued a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner certificate at the University of California, San Francisco. She maintains licenses in family medicine and psychiatry, in an effort to close the gap between medical and psychiatric care. Through past work experience, she is aware of how often the mind/body connection is ignored, and thus, strives to integrate medicine and mental health for most effective treatment. Julie is now in private practice at an integrative psychiatry clinic, and also treats low-income individuals at an urgent care clinic in San Francisco, CA.

In addition to her clinical work, Julie has presented at the Psychedelic Science conference and The Women’s Visionary Congress on the topics of psychedelic drug harm reduction and potential therapeutic applications of ayahuasca for posttraumatic stress disorder. She has also co-authored articles in the Multidisciplinary Associations of Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Bulletin and the book The Therapeutic Uses of Ayahuasca. As an experienced clinician, and activist for the psychedelic movement, Julie is dedicated to educating the community about safety and the therapeutic benefits of these substances.

Larry Norris is the founder and executive director of ERIE (Entheogenic Research, Integration, and Education), a group dedicated to the development of entheogenic research and integration models ( ( ERIE brings diverse entheogenic speakers, practitioners, and researchers to share their wisdom with the San Francisco/Bay Area community. Raised in the Metro Detroit area and alumni of the University of Michigan, he is now a PhD student in the East-West Psychology department at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco. His dissertation will review archived ayahuasca experiences to identify transformational archetypes that induce the insights hidden within the experiences. This summer at CIIS, Larry taught a graduate course called Entheogenic Education: Contemporary Perspectives on Ancient Plant Wisdom in order to discuss the concept of entheogens as educational teachers and cognitive tools. As a dedicated activist and a proponent of cognitive liberty, his efforts are a contribution to not only change the Western legal status of these powerful plants, brews, and compounds, but also to emphasize the potential sacred nature of entheogens given the right set and setting.