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The Function of Integration for Entheogenic Experience, talks and discussion

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Please join ERIE for a discussion on integration by Howard Whitehouse and Carl Gnosis.

The talks will be followed by a discussion panel with the addition of ERIE member Adrian Auler. We look forward to seeing you!

Challenges of Integration of Altered States of Consciousness: Exploring Structures and Processes on the Path

Particular structures are required and certain processes are activated in the shamanic initiatory experience. Given this novel situation, individuals are challenged to integrate the transpersonal experience into the context of their lives. In my presentation I will share my research exploring these interesting psychic terrains.

Howard Whitehouse received his Ph.D. in East West Psychology from CIIS in 2005. His dissertation research focused on the challenges encountered when individuals return from a shamanic initiation ordeal and attempt to integrate the experience into the fabric of their lives. He was a Placement Counselor at CIIS for 5 years, co-founder of the Human Science Research Institute at the University of West Georgia, and currently an exhibiting artist and presenter.


A deep entheogenic practice can expand our awareness far beyond the boundaries of consensus 3-D reality: taking us on epic healing journeys to parallel dimensions and magical worlds while showing us visions of an interconnected matrix of energy where our body is just one node of an infinite cosmic tapestry...

But upon returning from these journeys, the most challenging task of all can be the integration of these out-of-body experiences into our daily lives and flesh & bone three-dimensional physical bodies.

Carnal Gnosis is an exploration of how a comprehensive physical practice can be integrated into the path of entheogenic medicine work; building a healthy somatic temple to balance our expansion into deeper psychic realms; developing an ever-deepening awareness of how our human animal bodies are connected to the larger bodies of the family, community, city, ecosystem, planet and the multitude of parallel dimensions, other worlds and fractal octaves of energetic resonance that make up our reality.

Carl Gnosis has been exploring with entheogenic medicine for 15 years and has been practicing yoga since 2001. He has a BA in psychology, has received three personal training certifications and has worked as a mental health counselor, teacher and social activist. He currently works as a metaphysical therapist and video producer and lives in Berkeley, CA.


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