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Eris Industries makes the tools for developers to build secure distributed computing systems for whatever purpose they can imagine. These tools are the distributed application server, or Decerver, and our bespoke smart contract-enabled, smart contract-controlled blockchain design, called Thelonious. They're ready-to-use, right now, at https://decerver.io/tutorials .

This MeetUp group is administered by the corporate bods at Eris Industries and a few independent developers who've taken a keen interest in using our stuff.

Hang out, build stuff, have fun!

Past events (16)

Go West, Young Marmot - San Francisco Meetup

Americano Restaurant @ Hotel Vitale

Casey and Preston Do America

Beekman Bar & Books

Eris Install Party

decentral vancouver

London marmot beer-a-thon

The Monument Pub

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