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Erlang: Your New Favorite Scripting Language?



You've requested more beginner-level talks and we are trying to schedule more for the next months. This meetup will be held at the AOL office. Thanks AOL!

For those of you who have not attended it, we had an interesting hack night the other day. We found it was a good way for people trying to learn Erlang to get hands-on experience and learn a lot so we will try to hold hack nights regularly from now on. Stay tune for the announcement of the next one.

Without further ado, the speaker/talk information for August 24th is below:


Colin MacDonald

Talk Title:

Erlang: Your New Favorite Scripting Language?

Talk Description:

Erlang gets a lot of attention for its scalability features, but it's also an elegant and expressive language. We'll talk about "thinking functionally," Erlang's quirky but useful language constructs, and using it for simple command-line programs.

Speaker Bio:

Colin MacDonald is an Erlang n00b, but with a professional background ranging from embedded C to Perl admin scripting to enterprise Java.

22000 AOL Way · Dulles, VA