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Winning the Edit-Build-Test Cycle in Erlang by Rusty Klophaus

Hosted by Erlang Users of Arlington/DC

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This meeting will be held at Audax Health in Washington DC. When you arrive there will be someone downstairs to escort you up to the 6th floor where the meeting will be held.

Topic: Winning the Edit-Build-Test Cycle in Erlang

At Basho, we maintain roughly 150k lines of Erlang code spread across 29 different Git repositories. Compiling from scratch can take over two minutes on a top-of-the-line laptop. Holy Swedish Meatballs! How do we get anything done? In this breadth-first tour, I'll demonstrate some of the tools and techniques we've developed to streamline this process, speed up compilation, and win the Edit-Build-Test cycle.

Speaker: Rusty (@rustyio) is a Senior Engineer at Basho Technologies.