Talk Big Data with Darach Ennis and John Vlachoyiannis

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The User Group on the 7th of March is sponsored by QCon London and will take place between 18:30-20:00 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London. Please note that you will have to register for the user group here:

Darach Ennis will talk about 'Conversational Big Data' and John Vlachoyiannis's talk subject is “LDB: The BigData In-Memory database built with Erlang, C and LISP”. See the abstracts below:

Conversational Big Data

Traditional messaging middleware is clean - data and producer/consumer agnostic. Data Distribution is dirty - it exploits unlawful carnal knowledge of data structures and client environments and constraints to deliver high value real time conversational services.

Unleashing the corporate firehose over the web and to mobile, or accepting small data anywhere from any device requires something a little bit different. It's messaging, sort of, but we're not in Kansas any more and there are no red shoes."

Talk objectives: Inspire debate and discussion on the relevance or not of traditional messaging in an increasingly mobile world where the Internet of Things, Bring Your Own Device and the increasing sophistication of mobile platforms intersects with the way we work.

LDB: The BigData In-Memory database built with Erlang, C and LISP

Would you believe it that you can feed data coming from various sources (even thousand different resources - like mobile devices) into a system, describe what information you want to extract in a few lines of code and then have all this information in your finger tips? In real time. While the system keeps running?

LDB powers BugSense and analyses data coming from more than 200M mobile devices, in realtime. And even though it is In-Memory, data is actually stored in the hard-drive and replicated across other nodes using the awesome features of Erlang.

With LDB we don’t run queries. We run algorithms due to a full blown custom LISP language written in C that has access to the same address space with the database. That means that you can search extremely fast for data and run complex algorithms insanely faster than any other solutions.

Darach Ennis: VP of Engineering and Head of Innovation and R&D for Push Technologies since 2011, Darach has deep knowledge and experience of low latency and high volume scalable distributed event processing. Darach has a wealth of experience and expertise from his background working as Principal Consultant, Systems Engineer & Global Solutions Architect with companies such as Betfair, IONA, JP Morgan Chase and StreamBase. Regularly speaking at conferences and events on Big Data and CEP, Darach is a regular contributor to Big Data and CEP groups on LinkedIn. He has designed and implemented algorithmic trading platforms, flow trading systems, smart order routing systems, online spread betting, sports and gaming systems, as well as championing hardware accelerated messaging and compute acceleration in CEP.

John Vlachoyiannis: When he is not giving tech presentations around the world, he uses C and Erlang to build a database for BigData visualizations called LDB - that powers BugSense and handles more than 200M mobile devices. On his spare time, he creates programs that create programs in Clojure, runs a fund managed by Startups and runs algorithms on FOREX (mostly HFT).