Load Testing Made Easy - Diana Corbacho

This is a past event

20 people went


Talk abstract:

Megaload is a scalable, high performance load testing tool written in Erlang that provides automatic deployment on cloud environments allowing simulating a massive amount of load to stress your system. Its architecture allows adding new protocols and features with a small effort and can be customised extensively.

In this talk, we will discuss how to approach the load testing of web services using Megaload and we will look at the challenges and lessons learned from writing a load testing tool in Erlang.

About Diana Corbacho:

Diana discovered Erlang in 2007 while studying at University of La Coruña (Spain). Since then, she has been involved in both commercial and research Erlang projects in Spain and UK. Currently, she is a researcher in the PROWESS project (http://www.prowessproject.eu/) at Erlang Solutions where she focuses on performance testing through the development of Megaload.