Free! The Arun River Valley, Pulborough, to Arundel via Two Castles!

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London Victoria Station

London · Londres

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This promises to be an amazing walk, that as anyone who came last Easter is best done in the summer :) But this time we're out for both sections in one go.

We start at Pulborough, and follow the Arun River Valley which runs in to the South Downs hills. The villages are quaint and the countryside beautiful, there is a random little castle at Amberley and will detour down the drive to have a look, and there are lovely country pubs at the end of both stretches,

After Amberley we take in a short stretch of the river before heading over the hills to enter Arundel by walking past the much larger imposing castle high up on the hill, and carry on into Arundel where we stop at the Swan for or food/drinks.

Meeting Point 1: 11.00 am
London Victoria Overland station, At the bench inside the station next to the "The Beer House" Pub. This is behind the information stand at the platform 2-7 end of the station. If you don't know Victoria well, it's a very big station, leave a spare 10 minutes to find the meeting point.

Meeting Point 2:

Pulborough Station: 12.45. No waiting at the second meeting point. Drivers, please state e mail me on the morning if you plan to meet us there.,

Walking time: 4.5 hours

Lunch break 45-60 mins

Distance: 11 miles aprox

End time: No fixed end time it's a full day out.

Difficulty: 6/10, some hills nothing to challenging

Walk Finishes at: Arundel

Returning to: London Victoria

If buying by yourself, buy a return ticket to Arundel

The group train fare we use is an off peak return. Train is one third off using a group discount. I will put people into groups at the meeting point so you can get this discount and pay on the day, or you can buy your ticket in advance.

Please BRING CHANGE, you will be clubbing in with 3 other people who you don't know at the ticket machine and you may miss the train if you can not pay! You can't use card so you will want to have some change available

Things to bring:

WATER!- at least 1 litre
Sandwiches as the pub can't turn round that many meals quickly and may not be serving food.

Check the weather! Wear clothes suitable for the weather on the day, and hiking boots or shoes

Evening Plans

Please don't come if you want to be back in time for any "evening plans", we will not be back in time and you will annoy me by asking if we will be back in time. please don't do it! Go and annoy Graham or Geoff or Pash or Gary or Mischa, or anyone else but not me. I bite!


- Always check the group website for live updates to meeting point and directions before leaving for an event!