Winchelsea to Hastings Saxon Shore Clifftop Walk


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St Pancras International

Euston Rd · Londres

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St Pancras International Rail Station, Meet Outside the Cath Kidston Shop. READ THE EVENT TEXT ON MEETING POINTS.

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Please note that this is a free hike, a refundable booking deposit is required to book your slot.

This is an elongated version of our Hastings Legendary Clifftop Hike walk passing back through the Firehills, Hastings Country Park and finishing at Hastings. A really amazing hike, and a little less hard than the version starting from Rye.

Covering an area of 1,450 square kilometres The High Weald runs from Surrey to East Sussex. It the fourth largest Area of Outstanding Beauty England and Wales. The landscape features a mosaic of small farms and Sandstone cliffs covered in grass and gorse. The path we follow runs up to the Fire Hills so called in local legend because the gorse bushes which cover the hills are known to burst spectacularly into flame over the summer months when they become tinder dry.

On the way back through Hastings country park we'll be able to look up and see Hastings castle, which dates back to 1066 and was built by the Normans during what was to become the last successful invasion of England. You'll also see a little of the historic old town and fishing huts. We finish off in a pub for a well earned beer and pub meal.

On this hike we'll see plenty of the giant local Herring Gulls, and get some amazing views, more beautiful scenery is very hard to find.

Location is only 1 hr 16 min frm London!

Outside the Cath Kidston Shop At London St Pancras Overland Station at 11.00am to form a group and purchase an off peak return ticket at 34% off standard price. We will be arriving in Winchelsea at 10.50. Other fares and routes are available.

Winchelsea Rail station at 12.50.

please arrive at 12.40 to give you time to find somewhere to park etc.

aprox 10 Miles / 16 KM
LUNCH - 1 Hour
There is a cafe to get lunch at roughly halfway.


8/10, we'll be taking this one at a moderate pace, but the route feature lots of climbs and drops, so this is only for those in good physical fitness.

There is no specified return time. We are probably looking at getting back on the train around 7.30 after a drink in the pub.


Please don't come if you want to be back in time for any "evening plans", we will not be back in time and you will annoy me by asking if we will be back in time. Please don't do it! Go and annoy Graham or Geoff or Pash or Gary or Mischa, or anyone else but not me. Won this subject - I bite!


You must be able to at least run 100 meters for a bus to join one of our hikes.

Please always check your e mail and this web site for any updates before leaving for each event.

N.B: You will be required to fill in a next of kin form, if you don't want to do this we are unable to take you on the event.