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We play all kinds of games in and around Atlanta, have Giga-frappes, and get to know each other better. Meet people to set up games, find players or suggest meetups and more. We soon hope to be in more places, besides Gigabites Café, which is the BEST café ever and is a Pokémon GO gym. It is not far from Atlanta. Come join the discussions, choosing new places to have meetups, and lets start playing in your area.

Próximos eventos (5+)

Dunwoody and Dragons AL D&D

Dunwoody Tavern

Rotating DM and good food. The Dunwoody Tavern has agreed to let us in at 10:00 am so ignore the official opening time. We have both Adventure League and Home Brew. Please see weekly adventure description for details. Open to all. Please note, minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

TABLE 2 (DM Jerry Macy) - AL S9 Avernus - D&D AL @ Giga-Bites

Welcome! After witnessing Elturiel get dragged in to the Nine Hells our unlikely band of adventurers escorted the survivors to Baldur's Gate. This game will be played by AL Season 9 rules. If you have any questions please send me a message or comment here. All types of players welcome.


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• What we'll do I(Mike) am going live on the FB page at https://facebook.com/Atlanta-Gamers-Guild-1539275609504330/?ref=bookmarks so like it. I want to talk about the RPG crate I just subscribed to. • What to bring A Facebook account, a like, and a share. • Important to know Share it! tell every one. and join in the discussion.

D&D 5th Edition Homebrew

Giga-Bites Cafe

*This group is currently full and not accepting new players at this time, will update if this changes.* This will be a homebrew D&D 5th edition game. Date and time are flexible depending on attendees, message me your availability.

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