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The purpose of the group is to help ambitious women create a peaceful love relationship, by providing tools to STOP fighting and start loving instead. This is for you if you are ready to lead yourself with love and be a better mother, leader and partner.

If you are single you can use this to be a better leader, ask questions and get help, we will meet once a month.

I am a relationship and leadership coach. I have interviewed over 100 of the wold's best experts on leadership, communication, love and relations.

Insight I gained as I hosted and produced 3 online shows two called Make Love, Not War: How to stop fighting and start ENJOYING a fun fulfilling relationship NOW and one show called Lead With Love: How to win by being the loving woman you are!

Last but not least just be real and honest about the issues we face when it comes to the wild force of real love and having children. I was raised by a mother with a love of love that quickly turned to rage. I have developed 12 steps to Make Love, Not War now called Lead With Love. Using these and the 3 steps of Honesty, Responsibility and Choice I help ambitious woman around the world be a better version of them selves and produce more love in their lives.

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